The secret of successful communication in Business management

Communication in bussiness management is the key to open the window of success. It creates connections with customers and help to understand their needs. Therefore effective business communication is a must for success. 

In this blog we will have a detailed discussion about business communication and the tools to improve it.

Towards the end of this blog we will reveal the secret behind successful communication in business management.

Let’s start from the basic definition.

What is Business Communication?

Business communication is the method of interaction between management and staff both inside and outside the company. Communication in business management flows the valuable information from one end to another easily . It strengthens the understanding between remote workers and office employees.

Types of Business Communication

There are mainly two types of business communication.

  1. A) Internal Communication

International communication is the method of communication among office workers. It is further divided into four types

  1. In upward communication the information flows from an employee to a manager or another superior level.
  2. In contrast to upward communication, downward communication is flow of information from a supervisor to a subordinate.
  3. Internal communication: internal communication is the flow of information between employees of the same department.
  4. Cross-departmental communication : Communication between employees  of different departments is known as cross-departmental communication. 
  5. B) External Communication

The communications that connect your office and internal workers with external resources is known as external communication. It deals with customers, suppliers, or remote employees (example : freelancers) working for your brand.

Both these communications have a solid impact on business management. Therefore proper optimization of these methods are essential. But traditional methods can’t help you to improve and make communication successful. 

So let’s discuss

How to make successful communication in business management

We will discuss some tools that help you to improve your business communication.

1. Omnichannel : Make collaboration easy

Employees often find it difficult to share ideas and keep track of group progress without a collaborative platform. It leads to miscommunication and increases workload. For example, You and one of your colleagues are responsible for answering the emails. But due to unavailability of a single platform you miss to answer a lot of important emails. 

This type of communication in business management leads to unproductive results and can harm your company.

What is the solution?

A collaboration platform or an omnichannel is your answer. Through an omnichannel you can track the progress of every task. Once the task is over, you can remove it. This ends up the confusion and help the employees to work more productively.

2. Bulk Messaging : No More Long Meetings

Group discussion is important but not for every task. Imagine you always need to conduct a group talk even for small tasks. Sounds hectic right. But there are dozens of members, how can you inform everyone regarding the task.

Private and group messaging apps minimize the need for small group talks and are ideal business communication tools for keeping teams on track. When team members need to discuss work, these features are essential.

It is also useful in external communication. You can send messages at a once to a number of remote employees working from different locations. It saves your time and makes communication more effective. 

3. CRM : Customer Service Simplified

Customer service is a major problem in external communication. Today’s consumer interacts with you via a variety of methods. Therefore you require a huge amount of data of previous interactions to solve their queries. With traditional ways of communication it is not easy to handle such a huge amount of data. As a result, customers have to repeat their queries again and again.

We have discussed the problem, let’s find the solution.

A CRM interface can solve this problem for you. CRM integrates different channels like email, social media, voice recordings etc. to identify customer issues. Using the CRM panel you can find customer details in a few clicks. It is a magic tool for external communication. It lowers the burden of employees and gives customers a delighted experience.

4. IVR and Call Routing

Imagine a customer is calling to ask about his newly bought smartphone’s warranty. But the agent is answering about benefits of LED. How frustrating it will be. It happens when the call is transferred to the wrong department. It leads to severe damage to your brand image.

You can use smart IVRs with integrated call routing software to avoid this issue. Smart IVRs provide the customer with a virtual menu. Through this menu the customer can choose the type of query and necessary department. Thereafter the call routing software transfers the call to the available agent in a particular department. 

See how easy business communication is now? These tools help to improve communication in business management

But do you have to subscribe to all these tools from different platforms? 

The answer is No. 

Then where to find all these tools? Let’s see.

VoIP is a single platform to integrate all tools

In recent years VoIP is transforming communication in business management. All the tools we have discussed above are a part of VoIP. Omnichannel, CRM, IVRs and Call Routing, everything is an element of VoIP. Besides all these, VoIP provides another variety of features to ease the communication in business management. Therefore we can say,” VoIP is the secret behind successful communication in business management”. 


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