VoIP Phones For Sale: Important Features to look at in 2022

We live in a highly digitalized world where technology has permeated every part of our lives. The numerous features of VoIP phone systems have made business administration well-organized. In addition, VoIP phone features help businesses stay connected and provide valuable services as more companies have shifted to cloud-based phone services. Features keep on involving, and we need to have the right one in 2022.

The Important features that are needed in 2022:

Automation Attendant

One of the most known and essential VoIP business phone services is automated attendants. It enables incoming calls to be routed to the appropriate extension without needing a receptionist.

Many businesses value auto attendants because they assist clients in rapidly contacting the appropriate department by eliminating needless mediators. The less time a consumer needs to wait before speaking with the proper person, the better their entire experience.

Caller ID

It’s difficult to deny that Caller ID isn’t one of the essential calling tools available. Knowing who is calling ahead of time might help you mentally prepare and swiftly adopt the appropriate tone before addressing the caller. You could also have a few crucial seconds to prepare necessary papers or screen tabs for the next session.

Furthermore, because robocalls annoy consumers and company owners, Caller ID prevents you from wasting time answering spam calls.

Call Holding

Both large and small businesses frequently require a call-holding function. This technology momentarily “parks” a caller, removing their ability to hear or converse until the call recipient is ready to answer. While the option to hold calls is useful, previous research indicates that up to 60% of consumers will hang up after only a minute.

Nevertheless, call hold provides advantages to organisations. Employees, for example, can complete vital tasks or have chats with other customers before addressing the individual on wait. The key to maximising call holding is to combine it with extra features like on-hold messaging or music on hold—a technique we will discuss later in this list.

Queuing Call System

Call queuing is a feature that routes inbound calls to specific queues rather than routing them to individual lines and manually instructing them to hold. Instead, each caller is pushed forward in the sequence they made their call. While they wait, they will frequently hear pre-recorded messages or jingles.

This functionality is precious for businesses that may get significantly more calls than agents available to handle each incoming contact simultaneously. In addition, the procedure enables calls to be immediately sorted and efficiently routed to the appropriate agent.

The objective is to keep callers from having to wait too long. Fortunately, this functionality notifies agents of the number of calls and the expected wait time for each.

On Hold Music

You may not think much of holding music, but it can make a massive difference for callers. The research was done by USA Business Telephone, in which 10,000 callers listened to dead air for one minute. They discovered that 52% of callers hung up before one minute had passed. The second group of callers then heard music. Only 13% did not return the call.

Some consumers love listening to holding music, as Cisco can attest, therefore investing in high-quality tracks. It might mean the difference between a satisfied and dissatisfied consumer.

Custom Ringback

Your inbound callers will hear a unique ringback while waiting to talk with someone. It does not always have to be music. It could be a succession of messages accompanied by a distinctive jingle.

Creating a distinct set of sounds linked with your brand could be a good idea. According to one research, memorable jingles eventually influenced customers’ decisions to purchase items and services. 

Hot Desking

Employees may only sometimes have access to a personal line within their assigned area. Fortunately, hot desking as a VoIP tool enables employees to effortlessly enter into the system and have their accounts accessible from any connected device.

Hot desking is a useful function when you have workers that work at various hours and share desks or stations, such as receptionists. Each individual may access their information without fear of inaccuracies or delays.

Tools for Conferencing

Businesses may now perform audio or video web conferencing using VoIP business phones. These tools are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses that operate remotely. Several companies are experimenting with a hybrid function even when some employees return to the workplace.

Conferencing technologies that allow you to interact with team members near and distant are no longer just for show. People need to have VoIP phone solutions that will enable them to have conferences with both in-person and remote personnel.


VoIP is much more than just an internet phone service. Some VoIP integrations assist firms in better use of sales data, collaborating across divisions, and providing better service to their clients. For example, many VoIP companies now offer CRM solutions, which allow you to evaluate client interactions and comments to generate revenue and enhance customer happiness.

VoIP services enable firms, and tiny businesses, to benefit from more centralised company processes by allowing these types of interconnections. This is true even if the company has no physical location.

Call Monitoring

Getting a notification informing you that your call is being monitored for quality assurance is common. Monitoring allows management to listen in on phone calls to ensure that agents follow protocols and respond to customer requirements and enquiries as effectively as feasible.

Employees may then have their performance examined and given scathing criticism to help them improve in the future. It is an excellent customer service tool that not all organizations use.


These are the 10 most critical VoIP features we recommend; but, as many top service providers will tell you, there are additional options accessible to both small and large businesses. As a result, it’s critical to conduct research before choosing on a service package and which features would be most beneficial to your firm.

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