We offer a wide range of business modules, extensive services, and advanced features that will make your business transparent and attract customers to your page.

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VoIP Minutes

Soliddoublevoip has the most comprehensive coverage with high bandwidth VoIP Minutes and enhanced audio quality at an affordable price.

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Dialer Solutions

Our automated dialer feature will be a breakthrough service for making interactions with your customers in a structured manner.

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We provide a wide range of DID and toll-free numbers for IP telephony with 24*7 customer support.Our reliable resources help you to accelerate.

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Call Center Set Up

We help you to build your first call center or modify your existing one by installing advanced features suitable for your organization.

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VoIP Switch Solutions

Here we provide a wide range of VoIP switches to Call Center business, 100% secure and including three-way routes.

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Cloud-Based System

Forgot that annoying and costly hardware installation. Get your data secure with our advanced cloud-based system.

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Who are we?

We are a group of devoted experts passionate about what we do. We currently offer VoIP services to more than 5000 enterprises across India. We continue to provide each of our customers a personalized service even if we serve a more significant customer. Equipment and software development have received significant expenditures, which has resulted in the creation of numerous bespoke features explicitly intended for use by small and medium-sized businesses. All of our hardware and software are our own.
Solid Double is aware of the vitality of today’s flexible work settings, which allow employees to conduct their business anywhere convenient for them, whether at home, on the go, or in the office. We ensure that our customers or clients are always connected no matter where they are or what device they use. We create and offer excellent and cutting-edge communication solutions on the solid and secure basis of cloud technology.

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